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    Where Has The Time Gone?

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Well...I'm moved from San Diego to Dallas, been here a month. Have 50 select ReachLocal clients I'm working with. Ready to blog again. Thing is, I'm at the age where I can pretty much say what's on my mind and not really be concerned about whether you like it or don't. The good news is I think I've got some I've ideas of value that will help you grow your business. I'm going to give it to you straight. Hope you can handle it. Let me know what you think. Don't want this to be a lecture, I'd prefer it be a dialogue.

    No More Subtractive Thinking

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Excellent article in this months edition of Wired magazine titled "The Science of Winning." My biggest take-away was something the author called "subtractive thinking". It's where something doesn't go as well as you wanted and you dwell on how it failed. "Additive thinking" is much more productive; it's where you don't dwell on the failure but you think about what you can do better next time to get a better result.

     In the world of business, and particularly sales, it's easy to get caught up in subtractive thinking because we are told "no" so many times in prospecting and presenting. After many years in sales I can accept a "no", in fact I prefer it to anything other than a "yes". "I need to think it over" still drives me crazy.

     I'm going to try additive thinking this week. If it leads me to one slight improvement each week this year I'll be much more more effective than I am today. That's a "yes" I look forward to.

    5 Questions for Tori Gunter of Center for Oral and Facial Surgery

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Q: Tori, as the Office Manager of the practice you know its history quite well. When was the practice established?

    A: Center for Oral and Facial Surgery (CFOFS) was established by Orlan K. Bullard and Sheldon Brockett in 1927. It is the oldest and largest oral surgery practice anywhere in San Diego County. We have an office here in El Cajon and another in San Diego.

    Q: What differentiates you from your competitors?

    We are a very progressive practice and our doctors and staff are committed to bringing the most current and effective technology and techniques to our practice. For example, we recently implemented a new imaging system from Kodak which offers the highest resolution available along with the lowest radiation in its class. Also, we utilize only ACLS certified Registered Nurses in the assistance of anesthesia administered by our physicians. 

    Q: What are the major services you offer?

    A:  We offer a wide variety of services to our patients, including dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth, impacted canines, facial trauma, jaw surgery, oral pathology and several other procedures. They can be found on our website,

    Q: Why did you choose ReachLocal to assist you with your online marketing?

    A: It really was a two-fold reason. First, I really don’t have the time to perform all of my duties and manage our online marketing and social media efforts. Second, for such an established practice we weren’t showing up very well on Google and the other search engines when people searched for the services we offer, which was frustrating to us knowing that we are the best choice for what we do in San Diego County.

    Q: What impact has partnering with ReachLocal had on your business?

    A: It’s really helped us in a couple of very important ways. Potential patients are very impressed with all of the different places ReachLocal has us showing up on the Internet, as well as the quality of our social media sites. For example, they are very impressed with our blog,, which validates what doctor’s that are referring patients to us have told them. In addition, ReachLocal has also dramatically improved our rankings with Google and other search engines. I am very happy with their service and responsiveness and I recommend them without hesitation.

    Measuring Your Online Marketing ROI

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Effective ways to measure all of the marketing efforts you use and different tools you can use to measure your Return On Investment.

    From the ReachLocal Blog:

    Are You Truly Serious About Your Profession?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    See Seth Godin's latest blog: "The curious imperative." Challenges us to really evaluate how serious we take our careers. I wouldn't want to have brain surgery from a surgeon that for ten years hadn't gone to numerous continuing education seminars or studied new developments and techniques. Don't we owe it to our customers to provide the same interest level and new ideas? Those who are truly serious about their careers do.

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